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Learning to play the guitar can be lots of fun, but it can also be frustrating without someone to help you through the tricky parts. Sure, you could learn on your own - there's lots of resources for aspiring guitarists available on the internet, plus lots of books and videos that you could use. But who do you ask when you run into something you don't understand, or you're not sure how to play or apply a particular technique? And how much longer will it take you to learn to play what you want to play without the direction of someone that's been in your shoes and knows what you want to know?

My responsibility as a guitar teacher is to help you get the most from your time playing the guitar. Whether you're completely new to the guitar or if you've been playing for a long time, I'll teach you what you want (and need) to know about playing the guitar, from "just for fun" playing through becoming a professional player yourself. If you need help with basic playing techniques, particular styles of music, note reading, ear training, transcription, theory, composition/songwriting, I can help you understand (and play through) the tricky parts of all of it - saving you time, and getting you closer to your playing goals much faster than if you learned it all on your own.

Teaching Bio

Karl has been teaching guitar professionally since 1982. He has taught adults and children of all experience levels in both the private lesson format and in classroom/group settings.

Karl began teaching guitar while still in High School, completed his AA (music) at Fullerton Community College in 1983, and graduated from Musician's Institute in 1984 with a degree in Guitar Performance. He has worked as a professional musician his entire adult life, teaching, performing, and recording CD/DVD releases, commercials, and film scores. He currently records and tours with the L.A. - based rock/fusion group K2 (signed with Magna Carta Records), where he "fills in" for guitar legend Allan Holdsworth.

As Karl's educational and work experience indicate, he is a gifted musician and performer. More importantly, if you are looking for guitar lessons, Karl is a patient, dedicated teacher. His focus is to help each individual attain their musical goals while having fun learning the music they love.

Lessons are available for ages 6 through adults, with lessons times Monday through Thursday and Saturdays.

If you'd like to know some of what you'll learn while studying the guitar with me, take a look at the Topics Covered page.

For information on rates, policy, and answers to common questions, see the Rates and FAQ page.

Check the Media page for video and audio of my playing!

I currently teach out of my home studio, located near Arlington and Magnolia in Riverside, CA.
Contact Information

If you'd like to start learning to play the guitar, submit this form with your information; you'll hear back from me within 24 hours (weekend/holidays may take a little longer).

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